Migration to Europe: Can it Work for Development?

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The project is designed for artists in the European Union and beyond, who are able to join in a far-reaching debate on immigration from the developing world, its cultural and social values, its barriers and its future.

Questions of crucial importance, that we had to answer visually:
* Does the migration of people from other parts of the world benefit Europe?
* Can migration be of significant benefits for both Europe and developing countries?
* Is Europe an open society or does xenophobia prevail?
* Do barriers exist between Europe and the rest of the world?
* Will breaking down barriers help resolve global challenges?
* How do people from other continents perceive Europe?

KLIJENT: Czech Council on Foreign Relations
NAZIV PROJEKTA/KAMPANJE: Migration to Europe: Can it Work for Development?
PLATFORMA/MEDIJ: print (poster), copywrite

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